Birthday Thoughts

I’ve heard nobody likes you when you’re twenty-two. Is that true? I hope not. In any case, I’d like to think I spent year twenty-one well. In honor of the last year, here are twenty-one things worth celebrating.

  1. I moved to Seattle (a place I have always had an affinity for)
  2. I learned how to drink wine
  3. I went skiing for the first time
  4. I met my cutie pie boyfriend (and may I even venture to say fell in love?)
  5. I’m going to grad school
  6. I’m going to grad school at Johns Hopkins
  7. No classes were skipped this entire semester (even when I wanted to)
  8. When I wasn’t going to school, I found a job that I liked doing. (One for which I was completely under qualified, but did well despite that.)
  9. I moved to Baltimore (even though I was scared to)
  10. I’ve lived alone
  11. I’ve taken public transport on my own (really 8. and 9. are a combination that say that I’ve become more independent)
  12. A lot of really good friends were made
  13. Old friends were not lost
  14. I’ve cooked a really excellent meal
  15. A pink couch was set up in my living room (yes, this deserves it’s own number)
  16. This blog was started (and kept!)
  17. I stopped being embarrassed to admit I like things that other people might not (aka music, art, books, food)
  18. I learned to give advice with out being forceful (I think and hope)
  19. I’ve become more empathetic
  20. I’ve worked on listening to the things that the people around me are saying and learned that maybe everyone has ideas that are just as good (okay, sometimes a whole lot better) as my own
  21. Many books were read this year (many new ideas were pondered)

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