Not Bad

The thing that is advantageous is always the same thing that works in a disadvantageous way. That’s what my professor is trying to engrain in our brains about cellular pathways, anyway. I don’t think it’s a particularly hard concept, but it is one that might be hard to accept.

For a person, it’s like saying a positive attribute about his personality is that he is extremely organized and scheduled. This is good because it means he’s never late and he accomplishes what he needs to accomplish. However, this good thing is also what might be considered bad about him. He is organized and scheduled and so he isn’t very flexible and he gets upset when things change, which they inevitably will.

This idea could be scary. It’s easy to get lost on the bad thought train. That the more you work towards one thing, the less you have time to work for another. That have balance between the two means you probably aren’t giving enough to either direction.

However, it also might work in the opposite direction. For every bad quality a person has, perhaps there is a strength lying on the other side. I’d like to think this. Maybe I run late sometimes, but that means that I take the time to present myself well. Maybe I think about myself too much, but that must mean I’m really in tune with my thoughts and being in tune with myself is mental health (Right?? It’s all about self-care these days).

Isn’t it nice to have fall back? When the bad thought train does hit (which, yes, is also inevitable) this is an idea that helps me get off of it.

2 thoughts on “Not Bad

  1. What you say is true and for every advantage has a disadvantage but perhaps this is a question on human nature. We are able to think about the future and that enables us to determine the good and bad in something in the present. Or perhaps we’re programmed as optimistic beings or pessimistic ones. Either way, turning bad things good and good things bad could be a slippery slope. Anything could turn bad or good and that would also be an advantage or disadvantage. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Thank you!


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