A Holiday Story

We were driving

on a cross country

road trip.

I feel like

we were

always on

long, cross country

road trips.

Everyone in the car

was sipping those large

gas station coffees.

It had started

to snow.

I remember

thinking the flakes

that were coming down

made it look like our car

was going into

light speed,

the same way the

ships in Starwarz do.

Thanksgiving was coming up

in a few days.

My sister rolled down

her window,

snow was getting

inside of the car,

but freezing temperatures

were no match

for the hyperactivity

of kids

stuck in a car

all day long

drinking large coffees.

She stuck her

head out the window

and screamed

into the side of a mountain


and I’m still thankful.

Christmas music was

turned on not long after.

After all,

it looked more like

christmas outside.

That trip is when

I found out

my sense of humor

had a tendency

for the dark.

We drove past

a snowmobile,

stuck in the snow.

I laughed at the irony,

I laughed that no one else

was laughing.

I still laugh about

it sometimes

and wonder how

our car ever made

it through that pass.

This is was nostalgia

looks like.


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