Girls With Thorns

The pair was sitting side by side. He was rambling, as he often did, about how threatening some girls came off as. He was annoyed because he couldn’t understand why all of the pretty girls acted crazy. Why didn’t they appreciate being admired by him?

After listening to him go on she finally asked, “haven’t you ever heard The Tale of the Botanist?”

He shook his head and said, “that doesn’t sound familiar.”

“Care to hear?” the girl smiled.

“Sure,” he said. Although, he was looking rather unsure at the moment.

“There was once this botanist, quite a long time ago, who began the study of flowers. When he came upon the rose he asked curiously, ‘what kind of predator would make these thorns advantageous?’

“He decided he would take a few flowers home for further inquiry. While cutting off the prettiest rose, he grabbed the stem and was stuck by the very thorn he had been looking at.

“So you see?” she said as she finished the story, “everything that is beautiful is equally as dangerous.”

He replied, “I don’t see what a stupid flower has to do with a girl.”



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