Feeling Inspired

Since I can remember hearing a teacher or professor say a series of words that I considered important, I would write down the direct quote. These quotes don’t always deal directly with the lecture at hand. Sometimes I’ll write down a thought the professor has on life, or a viewpoint about the subject we’re talking about.

Starting grad school I began doing the same thing when one of my peers said something that I thought was worth remembering.

I like to think I have a lot of self-motivation. However, when that is failing me, I turn to the pages in my notes where I keep these small motivational quotes. I thought that a few were worth sharing.


“I plan on creating a bridge between medicine and biotechnology”

“For Mendel, genetics was a hobby. He had another job. He just dedicated a huge chunk of his time to growing over 900 pea pods because it was important to him.”

“I somehow need to find a way to understand…”

(I particularly love this. The guy sitting next to me was talking about his futureĀ dream of studying the biological pathways of autism. The way he was talking sounded like it was his purpose. I was in awe of his blatant determination.)

“This guy in the lab on the floor above us just grew a retina.”

“Learn this because it will make you educated… so educated!”

“Isn’t it just beautiful?”

(I find it important to note that the professor was talking about a biological pathway. I have to agree that it was indeed beautiful.)

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