It’s Hard to Stay Sorry

Sorry I compared you to the weather,

what a cliche thing to do.

Sorry for being affected

by something that surrounds me

& demands my attention,

something that I have to think about

almost every single day.

Sorry for having to base decisions on

the temperature outside.

To think that I showed skin

on a cold day

still makes me blush.

Sorry that I thought it might

have been nice outside.

I didn’t know that in winter

the shining sun doesn’t signify warmth,

like I didn’t know that some days

your smile doesn’t signify sweetness.

Sorry that every time you were mean to me

I imagined your mood changing colors like

a partially cloudy sky at sunset.

No, I didn’t think that was pretty.

Sorry that in September

I thought we were falling apart,

just like the leaves.

And I’m sorry

that I think of you

every time I see daisies,

those little things

I used to see as flowers,

which really are just weeds.


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