Don’t take this the wrong way

(even though I always do when someone starts out that way)


I tried to talk myself away from you so many times.

My mind could not conceive of a single way we’d work.

I was too young.

My life couldn’t possibly be “together” enough for you.

We lived too far apart.

Eventually you’d find out just how far I was from perfect.

I was full of excuses



Yet, every time I’d start to walk

you’d meet me in that new place,

sit down,

and say,

“Well, if this is where we are… I like it.”

Now my future plans are riddled with images of you.

I’ve fallen in recklessly



As if this was some lesson,

I finally figured out how strong people turn fragile.

(Please, don’t shatter me.)


2 thoughts on “Committed

  1. I felt this in my cells—on every microtubule and in every gpcr. The imagery, the emotions. You are absolutely inspiring and talented.


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