when I think about You leaving

If You ask me if I need You

I’m going to say no

I’m capable of walking

these streets alone

and falling asleep

in the middle of the bed

and making this one

bedroom apartment home instead

of that big blue house

we could live in together

sharing our dreams and plans

and lives and forevers

You told me You loved me

I still think it’s true

but if a tomorrow comes

where that’s not enough for You

they’ll be plenty of reasons

I think You’ll want to stay

I know one of them won’t be

anything I say

out of a desperate attempt

to lock You down

to hold You close

or keep You around

not that I’d want You

to get up and leave

You’re holding all kinds

of parts of me

yes, if that tomorrow comes

I do hope it’s far away

though the truth

I’ve been trying to convey

is that I’ll be okay

I’ll be okay



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